Natural Fabrics Stock

We keep a wide range of qualities in permanent stock to provide you with quick, easy and tailor made deliveries Our fabrics in stock are mainly stored in greige and pfd/pfgd (prepared for dyeing), so we can meet your individual requirements for finishing as fast as possible. We finish and dye the fabrics to meet your individual requirements for touch, feel and optics of the fabric. Our lead times from receiving your order, finishing the fabric and to delivering it to your designated location are some of the fast in the industry. Basic colors such as white and black are also always to be found in our warehouse. If an item is not to be found in our permanent stock, our international sourcing experts at tpx will make sure to provide you with the needed fabric as quick as possible.
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Fabric Properties & Finishing

Depending on the desired feel, touch and fall we choose the right combination of fiber, yarn and weaving to achieve the best possible material for further finishing.

Our normal width we keep in stock is usually up to 160 cm, but we can also provide you with any other width.

We control the full process and can backtrack every single lot that leaves our warehouse.

We also finish and dye to your individual requirements for your look and touch.

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